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Terms & Conditions

It is to be kept in mind that the application of ebeak.com by you shall remain contingent upon these particular terms and conditions, any shortcoming concerning which may lead to repercussions as delineated within said agreement. In view of your exploitation of Ebeak’s services, concurrence with the aforesaid terms and provisions becomes mandatory.


Ebeak presents fundamental knowledge instead of an alternative to guidance from experts. As much as we strive to validate Ebeak’s content’s accuracy, we refrain from making any explicit or implicit promises about its totality, exactness, dependability, or applicability. The aforementioned conditions apply not only to the information provided by Ebeak but also extend on all products and services that it offers along with allied graphics for every intention conceivable. Thus implying that putting one’s trust solely upon such knowledge is a venture undertaken at your own risk exclusively.

Legal Compliance

It is obligatory to conform with the legal statutes when utilizing Ebeak, and refrain from undertaking activities that could be detrimental towards either Ebeak or its users. Prohibited actions include but are not limited to disseminating information or posting material that violates intellectual property rights, contains libelous content, depicts obscene images amongst other illegal acts prohibited by law.

Guest Posts

Ebeak extends an invitation for users to offer their guest posts. When presenting a guest post, it is affirmed and asserted that you possess legitimate authority towards publishing its contents while ensuring adherence to all third-party rights without infringement. Ebeak retains full autonomy in reviewing textual submissions by altering, declining or deleting them from being published sans prior warning or rationale provided whatsoever.

User-Created Content

Ebeak’s repertoire of functions may comprise provisions that permit users to postulate, transfer, or offer content via Ebeak. By extending any user-crafted material through the medium of Ebeak, you provide a non-restrictive and binding license which is transferrable by proxy; furthermore being sub-licensable with no royalties attached in order for such substance to be employed alongside Ebeaks services as well as its commercial pursuits on an international scale.

External Links

Within Ebeak, there is a possibility of the presence of references to other websites which are not managed by them. For purposes concerning convenience and facilitation only, these links have been provided; it must be noted that in no regard shall Ebeak bear any responsibility regarding the content displayed on such alternative sites linked through their platform. It should also be acknowledged that if you choose to proceed using said supplemental online platforms at your own discretion for information or whatsoever intention, then all associated risks fall solely on you as an individual user.

Functionality and Availability

Ebeak is furnished solely based on its current state and the provision of it relies heavily upon its availability. Ebeak does not assert any depictions or guarantees, be they explicit or implicit, concerning the functionality of Ebeak as a whole nor with regards to information contained therein such as content, materials or products presented through this platform.

Limitation of Liability

Ebeak shall not be liable for any form of harm incurred, including but not limited to direct or indirect damages – expenses that are exceptional and contingent losses. These may arise out of utilizing the Ebeak platform itself, its use by third parties, or instances where parties find it impossible to utilize the same. Regardless of whether one has been notified about such possibility or otherwise, failure in performance, errors in operation/omission- system failures caused due to computer viruses could result in undesired outcomes including cost implications through loss sustained from either damage suffered directly/in-directly/by association with use thereof on different levels-i.e.-special/incidental/consequential bases whatsoever established within this context.


It is within the purview of Ebeak to adjust and amend these provisions at their discretion, with no prior notification. Should you continue utilizing Ebeak subsequent to such changes, it implies your compliance with said new stipulations. It should be noted that periodic inspection for updates or modifications regarding these terms and conditions on a regular basis is imperative.

Governing Laws

In matters concerning these Terms and conditions, the laws that govern and construe them are specific to Ebeak’s jurisdiction. Any conflicts arising with Ebeak shall be resolved by means of adhering to the statutes set forth in said jurisdiction.

Contact Information

In the event that you may have inquiries or apprehensions regarding these preset provisions and arrangements on Ebeak, kindly get in touch with us via e-mail at ebeak.contact@gmail.com.


The acknowledgment of the provisions laid out herein is a prerequisite for utilizing and interacting with Ebeak. Your implementation of said materials implies your agreement to adhere to the established provisions and regulations.

The terms and conditions were last modified on May 7th, in the year two thousand twenty-three.

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