Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Advertisement Banner Requirements

Greetings and salutations! We extend our warmest welcome to Ebeak.com, where we are positively thrilled to provide a marvelous opportunity for you to advertise your business or product through the use of prime advertising space on our website. To ensure that everything runs without any hitch whatsoever, kindly peruse all listed prerequisites below concerning advertisement banners:

The dimensions of the promotional banner shall be 728 pixels wide and a height of 90 pixels. It is required that these size specifications be met precisely in order to ensure optimal visual presentation.

We have the capacity to acknowledge advertisements of any sort that come in an image format, be it JPEG or PNG. It is within your purview then to furnish us with ads fitting these criteria for our perusal and potential inclusion on our platform.

In order to ensure the efficacy and acceptance of promotional banners on our website, it is crucial that they embody an air of the utmost professionalism whilst simultaneously indulging in visual allure. Furthermore, we maintain full autonomy over deciding whether or not a given advertisement coincides with the tone and direction of our platform; thus reserving the capacity for cancellations if deemed offensive or inappropriate by discerning standards.

The duration allotted to showcase your advertisement spans a period of thirty uninterrupted days, and may be renewed for supplementary intervals at your discretion.

Remittance: Prior to exhibiting the advertisement, we mandate that payment be remitted entirely. Various package alternatives and competitive budgeting are available as provisions for long-standing advertising investment opportunities.

Should you be endeavoring to promote your wares or services on Ebeak.com, we respectfully ask that any related inquiries are raised by sending an email to ebeak.contact@gmail.com for added elucidation. We are excited about collaborating with you!

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